New Version is full of bugs. Stay away

A review of ReplyManager by toussi1
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New Version is full of bugs. Stay away
21 Apr 2017
Was forced to upgrade to the latest version and nothing works right. Calls, emails, and many people on the phone answering with no idea how reply manger even works.

Exactly what ever other review has said about the new version. NOT BETTER, WORSE!

It has been a disaster. Funny thing they know it has bugs and still force you to upgrade to their latest version.

Hopeing we can make this work soon, but its not looking good. Save your money and time and just do it the old way for now.

Please someone create an alternative to ReplyManager!
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Re: New Version is full of bugs. Stay away
26 May 2018
Could you please tell us if you find a good alternative
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