Algopix helped me to start making money

A review of Algopix by eyalrachm
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Algopix helped me to start making money
23 Apr 2017
I didn’t do any research at all before buying them and listed them without any testing, but they sold quickly with very few returns. I thought I’d figured it out -- all you need to do is post products on the internet and they sell in a flash, but in reality, it was nothing but beginner’s luck. After that, I raised money and listed more than 1000 products but there were no buyers at those prices. Other sellers made big price cuts, so I had to sell almost at cost and could barely break even. I became acutely aware of my lack of experience and decided I needed help. Then I heard about Algopix and started using it to research products and the competition before choosing them. Algopix helped me to start making money. Now I’m using real data and am making money consistently. I couldn’t have done all this without Algopix
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