In one word: WOW

A review of Algopix by eran537
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In one word: WOW
24 Apr 2017
Starting from trying it I was interested in declared functions, product demand, and market size evaluation. I have not met similar info at one place before. Usually, you need to dig through a ton of web sites to at least approximately understand what's what. They declare they have already analyzed 10 different marketplaces and gave us the ready-to-use data. Everyone who starts selling makes a lot of mistakes, and then have to look for effective solutions because he or she should to fix that in short terms. I always try to find the newest elements of analysis and forecast in order to reduce my risks as much as possible. We always have to calculate whether it brings a sufficient profit if we've been subscribed to the service. Though it's not just about money, it's about time that I spend to learn a new tool. In Algopix, I was not mistaken in investing my time in testing. Moreover, I am confident, based on my experience, that if I pay for a service, it develops and brings returns to you the further, the more. And vice versa, all that is done for free is a fraud, and in fact they just waste your time.
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