Terrible service

A review of Cloud Fulfilment by cloudreview
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Terrible service
25 Apr 2017
The portal is pretty good, an easy way to keep on top of orders.

Customer service is terrible.

1) Lost/broken orders are simply lost/broken and they make no attempt to claim money back from the delivery companies, you just have to pay for the replacements yourself.

2) The costs are supposed to be straightforward but are anything but. There is no price list for the mailing costs on the portal. Plus, although the maximum weight for the delivery companies is 25kg (and so I calculated costs as such on my website), they don't have big enough boxes for big orders so randomly just pack orders in multiple boxes. You don't know this until you get the bill at the end of the month being charged for multiple deliveries to fulfil one order, which means you can fulfil orders and then actually lose money on them.

3) They decided to terminate the relationship with my company because I wasn't selling enough (although it was above the minimum order quantity they stated). I spent thousands of pounds with Cloud over a number of years and they didn't even say thank you. Simply, the relationship is terminating and you need to go. Upon closing, they closed my account on the portal so I couldn't see the outstanding invoices that I needed to pay them. They also promised me to tell me how much it would cost to send remaining stock back to me. Then 2 weeks later, I got a sarcastic email from the 'Operations Director' saying "thanks for not making any attempt to contact Cloud." Which was ridiculous, bearing in mind that I am the customer and they have not sent me any invoices or the promised information - I don't know why they feel that I should be chasing them up?!

Avoid at all costs as it can have a significant effect on your business as it did mine.
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