Amazon Australia: office supplies sellers in other countries

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Amazon Australia: office supplies sellers in other countries
26 Apr 2017
So Amazon has just announced that they are launching in Australia, and many of the local retailers here are terrified. We are hoping to turn this into an opportunity by selling on the Amazon marketplace instead of competing with them. I would love to speak with sellers who are using Amazon Marketplace to sell office supply type products in other countries, so we know what challenges we will run into.

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Re: Looking to connect with office supplies sellers on Amazo
27 Apr 2017

This is similar to several emails I have had in the last couple of days from sellers in Australia that are worried just like you.

It does not matter what products you sell at the moment, if Amazon open up their whole catalogue, everybody will be in the same boat.

The most important thing is do not worry.

The last I heard is that Amazon have not yet got a definite location for their new fulfilment centre. Apparently it will be on the east coast !! If Australia is anything like the UK, it will be many months before it is built and operational. This gives you time to make a plan.

Now I do not know your company, or if you sell online or not at the moment, but look at it as a way of expanding your business. Currently sells Kindle and Audio books. Opening up their website to more categories should give you opportunities to sell your products throughout Australia (and possibly other countries such as NZ) more easily. In several countries, Amazon can ship products cheaper and quicker than the seller, so Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) could help you reach even more potential buyers (although I cant see Amazon delivery drivers driving miles down a track to deliver a parcel in remote locations, chances are it will be thrown over the fence (UK folks will understand this !)).

I believe that will certainly take a big hit once Amazon are up and running, and maybe as well. If Amazon were not sure that they would get their money back in fees / sales, they would not be doing this.

Yes, Amazon do often sell products directly themselves, but to be honest, based on UK and Europe, they are not always the most competitive price.

Amazon is a marketplace just like your own physical store or website. Look upon it as a way to increase your sales and start planning now.
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Re: Amazon Australia: office supplies sellers in other count
12 Aug 2017

Hey, Michael ... any more news re Australia Amazon? When is the launch? I know they started hiring and location of the fulfillment center is established.

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