Really like it!

A review of Algopix by yaron.neumann
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Really like it!
26 Apr 2017
I'm just a buyer and most of all I like the function of price comparison. For example, I searched a good, and I found the one for the best price. But then I thought about it a little and compared the prices for that in several countries, because besides the price, it is still very important which country the goods are delivered from. I imagined the situation if an ordered thing doesn't match me, so I have to either send it back or exchange that, however, I wasn't ready to wait that for months. And I really needed that thing, at that price, and in the near future, not in a year. In the end, I managed to choose a suitable seller in my country with good pricing with Algopix. Fortunately, my order was delivered perfectly, and I did not even have to think about sending that back. I'm happy with the deal, I'm happy with the new site for online shopping, because I'm a shopaholic.
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