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Average at best
27 Apr 2017
unfortunately 99% of the "results" do not match. Be very careful if trying to use this source. The results they get from Wal-Mart, eBay (especially ebay), Target, and Best Buy rarely match the product they are comparing sales to. But you get what you pay for, right?

Even when the results seem to match, the sales figures are usually off, or the product being compared is a multi-pack. I have yet to find a single profitable product from using KentaArbitrage. I wouldn't really bother looking at the ebay portion either.
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Re: Average at best
19 May 2017
Dear Mr. Morris,

I hate that you never had the opportunity to explore all the features we offer beyond the free matches. Our goal is continual improvement with exceptional customer service. I am pleased to see you are still on our weekly mailing list. I love to hear from customers, and would have liked the opportunity to help you with any questions or concerns. My email is brandy.sparkman@kenta.co. I would like to invite you back to try Kenta Arbitrage again in the future.


Brandy Sparkman
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