Experienced and diverse team with a deep specialty in Amazon

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Experienced and diverse team with a deep specialty in Amazon
28 Apr 2017
I have worked very closely with Bobsled owner Kiri Masters and her team for more than a year as an outside consultant assisting their Amazon Advertising Management team. However I can confidently speak to the company as a whole as I know everyone well and have seen them in action. Their dedication, professionalism and consistency in attention to even the smallest minutiae make for an effective combination. Bobsled benefits from the unusual advantage of hiring team members without location constraints which results in a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This includes decades of corporate marketing experience, MBA holders and I believe more than half the company is bilingual!

As I’ve had direct involvement working with the Amazon advertising management team I can attest to their ability to spur sales growth in brand new accounts but also jump into a large existing account running at full steam with many products and a huge advertising budget and get up to speed quickly to meet client goals. They drive results in both scenarios which is no easy task, and boast a rapidly expanding expertise in the AMS advertising platform in addition to Sponsored Product Ads.

Perhaps most importantly Bobsled is a company composed of people who follow through with what they say they will do and keep concerns regarding client outcomes front row center.
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