How to find products to buy

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How to find products to buy
29 Apr 2017
Interested in catalog of items to buy and resell in USA
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Re: How to find products to buy
18 Aug 2017 If you are interested in buying direct from genuine manufacturers overseas, including China, this will show you how to safely source small or large quantities of any product you can think of, and import it without the usual hassles.

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Re: How to find products to buy
6 Sep 2017

It all depends on what you want to sell. Sourcing isn't really all that complicated. I recommend There you will find an abundance of general merchandise from which to choose. Try to work directly with the factories, not trading companies.You can filter your results easily. Most of the factories have their own salesmen (usually women) who speak English. They already have their prefered shippers in place and handle all the customs requirements.

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Re: How to find products to buy
11 Sep 2017
Now almost everybody buys from China. You can get cheap, good quality products easily from China. Other countries in South Asia are also low cost, but the "supply chain" are not mature yet in there in many ways. Especially when you want small quantity and good quality products.

So first you just get on China B2B websites we mainly talk about, or, search the products you want to know, find some suppliers and study their products, find the right staff. Send them inquiries and get quotation, compare prices.
Then you need to verify suppliers. The easiest way is to check the verification page or documents on Alibaba or Made-in-China, which means a 3rd party has verified the suppliers online (check registration) or onsite ( inspectors inspected the factories on site) and the supplier is a real one (However, there might be boasting or exaggerating, with the help of the inspectors. But at least it really exists).
Then you may need to check samples first before placing order. Also you may need to have a quality inspection before the delivery. Technology and skills are much better than 15 years ago, normally you should not worry about the quality. But there are chances that careless and irresponsible factories may deliver a batch of wrong or defective products to you.
About the delivery or shipping, ask the factory to solve it or just find a shipping agent (ask many and choose the best) a shipping agent can tell you all the procedures and what bills you need to pay, what documents you need to provide.

I wrote a lot above because i supposed you are new and beginner in this. When I saw the question my hands sweat.
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Re: How to find products to buy
3 Dec 2017

Hello Iris im also new here and i just read your answer and it helped me so much. Thank you for the much appriciated insight.
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Re: How to find products to buy
8 Dec 2017
SaleHoo has anybody heard of this site or used it to get products?.......looks good but id like to know more about it

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Re: How to find products to buy
13 Dec 2017
A post has been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.

No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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Re: How to find products to buy
12 Sep 2019
@iris2004spring nice, we would like to say thanks or, they really helped buyers and sellers a lot.
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