MIDs with High Chargebacks?

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MIDs with High Chargebacks?
1 May 2017
If you are an advertiser challenged with a high number of chargebacks and keeping your merchant accounts below threshold, it’s time to consider working with an experienced team to help you recover from the costly damage of chargebacks.

At Chargeback Gurus, we work closely with you and analyze over 35 data points to identify the root cause of your chargebacks. We are a team who will allocate the time needed to create an action plan for reducing chargebacks and preventing the loss of your merchant account.

In the high risk arena, with limited processor options, your best move is to work with a knowledgeable & experienced team who can help you sustain your MIDs.

Let Chargeback Gurus take action against chargebacks and work to keep your MIDs healthy.

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