Stay Away.

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Stay Away.
2 May 2017
I paid $599 USD 8 months ago for a 4-hour job. She only half did it then would not respond to my messages. After threatening legal action she started responding but every deadline she set she broke.

She does a very good job when the job is complete however meeting deadlines is not her strong suit.

She has now finished my work however I think that if she is to busy to do the work then she should no accept the job.

She is very reasonably priced though.


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Re: Stay Away.
13 Sep 2017


Thanks for your message and review.

She still has my money and has flat out ignored me.

Do you know how to take legal action? I went to the State Attorney's office and they sent her a couple of letters which she completely ignored. They advised that I see a lawyer. I see you are in Australia too?

Kind Regards
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