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ebay newbie/ebay oldie
2 May 2017
My name's Roy and...
First impressions here are that it's a forum for mostly largish (by my standards) sellers, which is a bit intimidating.

I've been selling off my various collections (horological, bibliographical, miscellaneous) for a couple of months now, with some trepidation as when I first attempted this about 15 years ago my impression of eBay was that it was a pool of sharks. I gave up quickly after people were trying to induce offsite and "escrow" transactions. I didn't really need the money either. Now I do.

As someone who worked for many years in an IT related field where we built an entire business around our own software there seems to be a lot of bad and confusing application design in ebay's user interface. Not much to be done about that except tolerate it I guess.

OK, here's something that really baffles me. I had no idea that there was a category limit for new users. When I hit that limit, unexpectedly, I first, as suggested, "verified" one of the bank accounts associated with my ebay/pp registration. I then listed a couple more items. When I next tried to list something I was balked. In a telephone conversation where I mentioned that I had completed the "verification" (not that I have a clue what that actually implied) the operator told me that she'd cleared the block so I went on to post the new listing. I was now about two months in from my first listing.

About a week later I started assembling some new offers - I have a vast number of lowish value vintage watches, and parts thereof so lots of smallish transactions are involved - but discovered I was blocked because of the same limit. A long chat session followed where I learned that the restriction applied to all "new" clients for the first 3 months. The justification was some waffle about "standards" which sounded like waffle to me. How a month of not selling anything can contribute to my seller status hornswoggles me, but I'm almost 70 so I'm easily hornswoggled.

Now I should probably have investigated more before hitting this problem but I didn't. Is it normal - and if it is what are the limits in future? As I said I have a vast number of relatively low value items and I really need to sell them. There are few alternatives.

Your observations would be appreciated.
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Re: ebay newbie/ebay oldie
9 May 2017
@horologic24 I am afraid it is quite normal for eBay to impose the listing restriction. It has happened to me as well.

In addition to the ceiling on the number of listings allowed within a certain time frame eBay also has a dollar limit for total transactions. I would think the reason you haven't received an email about that is as you said your transactions are small.

To get eBay to raise the limits I simply called Customer Service and requested an increase. They may not give you everything you want but they did increase mine enough for me to keep going.

eBay set these limits a long time ago due to dishonest sellers creating new accounts then listing thousands of bogus listings and then when the sales started coming in taking off with the money and never shipping anything.

I believe you yourself said you once investigated selling on eBay many years ago but decided not to because of its wild west nature. Well, this was one of the many responses eBay has implemented over the years in an attempt to keep its platform easily accessible to everyone but with some control over certain profiled practices they see as falling within what was once exploited.

This may not be what you want to hear. It wasn't what I wanted either. But, on the other hand even I have to admit eBay is a lot better now than it was back then.

But, like I said just give them a call and explain to them what you are trying to do. I have always found them more than willing to work with me. Since your transaction are small explain this to them and see what they say. Not calling them is just allowing the situation to remain in a stalemate with noone winning. You don't get more sales and eBay doesn't receive any fees from those new sales.
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Re: ebay newbie/ebay oldie
12 May 2017
As Alaska Bob indicated, these restrictions have been around awhile now. My eBay id predated all those so I never ran into them when I started selling more. As he suggested, call customer service. In any case, once you get past a certain number of transactions, you will no longer have to worry about it. I don't know the exact number but it is fairly low - 20 maybe? I have a secondary eBay id I use for personal items and for personal purchases on eBay. I ended up selling a lot of things earlier this year on it because we were moving. I actually achieved Top Rated Seller with it after I got past the initial limit.
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Re: ebay newbie/ebay oldie
18 Aug 2017
Is there any chance of raising the limits even on the first 90 days by calling them? I'm selling software licenses (intanginble -just the keys), so I have to deal with a category limit in addition to general one. I'm the cheapest seller on eBay for that item and it's kind of driving me crazy when I think of the loss in sales I could have made if I just had higher limits.

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