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I could not have made a better choice for a program.

A review of Zentail by Kthocken
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I could not have made a better choice for a program.
2 May 2017
I could not have made a better choice for a program. I'll start by saying I looked at many programs. First, the support team is fantastic, seriously, the team is located in the US, knows their program, and they provide both great phone and chat support. Second, the software actually works. Yes, their software does what it say it will. Read the reviews for many of the other companies in this space and see what they say. I went with Zentail because I thought they could perform what they said they could. After some time using the software, they deliver on what they say. Third, the software is simple! Let me clarify that, the software is solving an extremely complex problem. They have created the system and interface to be very user friendly. They do not bog you down with information you don't need to see but give you what you need. Forth, Its a life saver for listing on multiple channels. Their listing system is simple. Add it to Zentail, push to all channels (and it works). Fifth, they are continuing to add new features. This is great. They are also receptive to feedback. In the time i've been using the software i've already had feedback i've left implemented into the software. Wow! In summary, get a demo from Zentail and let them show you what they can do.
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