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Website Development
3 May 2017
Website creation is a creative and difficult process from a technical point of view. It should take into account not only functionality, but also design, positioning, content, specificity of information presentation, preparation for advancement in search engines. That's why "turnkey" resources cost a lot of money. In the process of choosing a web studio that will take up the creation of your site, it is worth considering not so much the minimum cost as the willingness to implement your ideas and tasks.

The creation of any web resource begins with the definition of the range of goals that it will solve in the course of its work. So the online store is designed to sell products, popular "landings" - to increase the flow of customers, corporate websites - to influence the reputation and authority of the company, information resources - to give access to news and so on. Traditionally, the development and creation of sites in USA involves the creation of a technical task (TT), which will indicate the full range of elements, functions and features that are designed to solve the task. TT is always created in the process of dialogue and is approved by the customer. Only after this begins work on the creation of a web resource.

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