We used Algopix to pick products

A review of Algopix by erez.yosef
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We used Algopix to pick products
3 May 2017
We were focusing on sourcing products at the lowest prices but our ecommerce business was not doing well. Then a friend told us to choose the right products before thinking about sourcing products at the lowest prices. He said we needed to know if there would be demand for the products and if we would be able to price them suitably to make a profit. Algopix helped us to estimate the demand for the products we were considering and to understand the competition. We were not being able to do this ourselves and it made a huge difference to our business. We used Algopix to pick products that gave us a clear competitive advantage. Making decisions based on data from Algopix gave me a lot of confidence and reduced my stress levels considerably. After making a series of wrong turns, we were able to improve our strike rate and make profits. Algopix helped us to turn our business around. We may not have survived without it.
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