Great product -- Even Better People!!!

A review of SalesWarp by Kevin Clor
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Kevin Clor
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Great product -- Even Better People!!!
4 May 2017
I am the Chief Operating Officer for a company that distributes commercial and residential party and event rental products. We have been in business for eight years and have had tremendous growth the last three (3) years. As a result, we have expanded our online presence to include: 2 Magento stores; 2 Big Commerce stores; 3 eBay stores; 1 Amazon store; 2 Wal Mart stores and a dedicated in-house sales staff made up of seven (7) sales representatives. On top of all that, we import our products from about fourteen (14) factories overseas. All of this needs to be managed.

Prior to partnering with SalesWarp, we really struggled with inventory management and advanced order management required for this level of multi-channel selling. We really needed a much better Order Management System ("OMS") that would allow us to see all of our orders in one location, manage inventory, centralize shipping and distribution, push tracking information and respond to customer service issues. I cannot tell you how much time was wasted going into each selling channel, processing orders, processing customer service issues and then exporting all of that to a manual inventory control system. We were constantly plagued by stockless orders, inadequate reporting needed to order products based on growth, inadequate reporting for basic accounting functions and an inability to get a 360 degree view of where are customers are buying our products. I do not even have time to get into the challenges we had ordering products from overseas to meet demand.

About eighteen months ago I was tasked with finding a better solution. I vetted all the big companies and most of the new companies as well. I sat through countless demos and was made an infinite number of promises. Then, I met the great people at SalesWarp. SalesWarp is a true end-to-end ERP system that also gave us the extra bonus of being able to deliver quotes and process orders through their system. They are also one of the only companies that have template publishing system allowing you to take one centralized listing and push it to multiple markets such as Magento, eBay, Amazon and Big Commerce. What really sets Sales Warp apart though is their advanced warehouse system and inventory control management. I can set warehouse locations, scan products, process purchase orders, receive shipments, drop ship and set reorder thresholds all in the same system and, basically, on one screen. I can view my FBA warehouse and know at all times how much product I have to sell and, how much product I have sold. Our days of overselling product or not ordering enough product are over!

Beyond the inventory management, there is a robust advanced order management system or OMS. All orders from all markets come into one screen. They can be managed, modified and shipped. Once complete, tracking automatically pushes to the marketplace and the customer is notified. No more manual updating. Also, I was able to set up wholesale stores for each direct sales representative. Now they can send quotes and process orders all out of their store. That allows me to see at any time what each sales rep is doing in terms of profit loss and product movement. This is an awesome tool for commission and rep evaluations as I have the power of Sales Warp's awesome reporting tools to report on reps like they are markets.

I love reports and have always found marketplace reporting systems to be awful. SalesWarp comes stock with a tremendous number of pre-built reports but, what makes SalesWarp so tremendous is that I can make any custom report I can imagine. It took me no time to learn the reporting language and begin to process my own reports for my own needs.

The final thing I want to talk about is the most important -- the people of SalesWarp. I speak to Scott, Joe and Chris all the time. I have been helped by Abe, Brian and Viktor. I have also had conversations with the owner, David. I know all of them on a first name basis be

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Re: Great product -- Even Better People!!!
8 May 2017
@Kevin Clor

Kevin, Thank you very much for your thoughtful and thorough review! We will continue to work hard to help Tent & Table grow and succeed. Your review will be really helpful to those folks who are currently vetting new OMS offerings. Again, thank you for the feedback! Warmest regards, Dena
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