Cashcow pro a total scam

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Cashcow pro a total scam
7 May 2017
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Bad on every level. For a start, their functionalities are not comparable to say JungleScout, but because I decided not to do Amazon. I cancelled my CashCowPro subscription within a few days but four months on. They are still charging me credit card. Numerous emails were sent to them , they claimed that they cannot find my username anymore and their multi-million dollar system will not make a mistake! What a scam. So, please please please, whatever ypu do, don't ever trust them with your credit card.
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Re: Cashcow pro a total scam
3 Oct 2017

Thanks for your comments

It is not a scam. You changed your email address after a typo after signing up and STRIPE (multi billion USA based payment provider) could not locate your account.

Wish you the best of luck on Amazon!
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