A great eCommerce Solution

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A great eCommerce Solution
8 May 2017
Set up an on boarding call as soon as your able to. Take some time to review the documentation and learn to use Shopping-Feed.

If you have trouble or questions contact support. Their email support is great but if you need it they are always happy to schedule a phone call

At first Shopping-Feed might seem overwhelming, the interface makes it easy to connect to multiple marketplaces which I was not ready for at the start. Fortunately their customer support is there with you every step of the way and is the reason why the app is 5 star.

It takes time to learn how to properly use Shopping-Feed, and during this time we learned how powerful the app really is. Use this app to list your products and fulfill them from multiple marketplaces using just your storefront. Shopping-Feed is a phenomenal app for an eCommerce Solution.
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