Fulfilment in the Philippines - - -Now possible

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Fulfilment in the Philippines - - -Now possible
10 May 2017
If you sell online you probably see that you have many abounded carts from the Philippines - meaning - someone want to buy something at your site but when he need to check out and pay - they just leave the site

The Philippines is the fastest growing e -commerce market in ASIA

There are few reasons why u see it a lot from the Philippines -

1. first main reason --- only 7% of the population hold credit cards, and they cant pay you even if they want, the Philippines e commerce market is driven by CASH ON DELIVERY[ - - meaning the item is sent to the consumer and paid to the currier at the door step!! very challenging right????

2. bad customs - once someone order something to be shipped to the Philippines - he cant predict how much tax he will be charged , sometimes the customs agents just throw a number of just overcharging, they are really hard to deal with, and filipinos prefer not to order from abroad in order to not take the risk.

3. trust issues - as a 3rd world country there are a lot of fraud cases in the Philippines , so in general, the filipino prefer not to pay online even if he has the option, to avoid fraud and scams .

so what the solution????

FULLPHILIPPINES is a fulfillment center in the Philippines that provide CASH ON DELIVERY solution for online seller - - specially for those fro abroad.

very simple model

online seller sent merchandise to our secure warehouse - api integration between our systems , that way all the sales fro the Philippines will automatically directed to us - pick the item and pack it for shipping - pick up by 3rd party currier (we work with the 5 biggest and most reliable curriers in the country!!! - - -cash payment collection from the costumer - - remittance of funds to online seller !

you can sell a lot in the Philippines with good fulfilment !!

if you need more details

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