Making small business great again!

A review of Payability by gamingfactoryllc
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Making small business great again!
10 May 2017
Cash flow has always been the hurdle that businesses struggle to overcome, especially in an economy where there is limited credit sources, or those sources cost a fortune to where profits cannot be made.

When I stumbled across Payability, I thought it sounded too good to be true! This has been an answer to my prayers. Amazon is a great place for third party merchants to sell products and receive a lot of exposure, but the 2 week disbursements often hinder growth and limit the amount of products that can be offered. Eventually you find yourself spending more time working out cash flow scenarios than you do working on growing your business.

Payability does exactly what it promises. It pays you daily for your Amazon sales. Previously this was only attainable via selling on your direct website, in which you were dealing with a merchant processor. The catch 22 with that, is that a well maintained and optimized website can cost over 6 figures, and show a slow return on investment, where on Amazon you can piggyback off their success and see instant sales.

I look forward to seeing how Payability continues to grow, and other services that they offer. I should also mention that their fees are negligible in terms of the increase in profitability. I feel as though conventional lending and small business growth is back!
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