Poor Service, Overpriced, Extremely bad software

A review of Veeqo by KuldeepManak
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Poor Service, Overpriced, Extremely bad software
10 May 2017
I was promised a lot of the features were available in Veeqo and was constantly told it was suited to my needs. The free trial is pointless as you cannot even use many of the features. During sign up the staff member told me I can pay in one go and would get a discount (no mention of any contract). They confirmed I could cancel within 30 days and get a full refund if I wasn't happy. Coincidently this has now been removed from their website. Upon signing up I found several flaws in the software. They also did not have many of the features which they said they did have.

Upon contacting Veeqo I was told that these features are not available and would be implemented soon and they had no idea why the initial staff member had advised me these features were available. I wanted it to print invoices and courier labels by sku and for it to display the product sku in the shipping console so I could manually enter the weights and dimensions. Currently all it displays is the buyers name which is pointless. None of this was available. I called to cancel and the staff member said that it was fine as new customers can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund, I had only signed up 2 days earlier.

However I was contacted by the CEO, Matt Warren, who said they couldn't refund me as I had paid for the whole year and had automatically entered into a contract. I had told him that I did not sign any contract and your colleagues confirmed that I could cancel within 30 days. I was not told I was committing to a years contract and I was misled. However the ceo's manner in dealing with customers is terrible. The ceo then chose to avoid me for several weeks despite me contacting Veeqo staff every single day. I then decided to open a chargeback claim with my bank after which miraculously Veeqo decided to refund me the full amount.

I would not use this company or recommend them to anyone. They are overpriced and the service is terrible. The platform looks fancy but it cannot do the basics things you want it to. You only have to read the suggestions sections on the veeqo forum to see that they constantly make promises but do not fulfil them. There are a lot of customers complaining there and this is how they attract new customers, by misleading them! Their reviews online aren't that great either. I have now moved to OrderHub who charge a fraction of what these con artists charge and the service is amazing. Their software does what Veeqo promises and much more. I would give Veeqo stars in negative if I could for what they have put me through.
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