ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!

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ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!
10 May 2017
Dear Readers:

Run, do not walk from these guys. The one star ratings given so far are accurate. It is a circus at ChannelAdvisor and they are EXPENSIVE...EXPENSIVE! They start out making you feel important but soon after you end up in their corporate black hole. Lots of mistakes that we had to figure out. Wait till you sit through one of their training sessions!

Almost a year with ChannelAdvisor Corp and sorry to report folks that we have found a better company at 1/5 their price, available 24/7, outside of the USA.

Sorry ChannelAdvisor but we tried!
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!
18 May 2017
We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!
7 Jun 2017
@Tightrope Hello, could you tell me what company did you find and is it good? Thank you.
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