Great program

A review of Xpress Lister by readysteadybuy
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Great program
11 May 2017
I have been using Xpress Lister for 12 months after trying another program. Xpress Lister is simple to learn and has reduced my time spent on my eBay Store. My listings look great and loading new products takes less than 5 minutes.
My sales have increased since using the program and I can only put this down to the way our products are presented in the Template.

I have 400 Listings with stock levels changing daily. I use the csv file upload function to adjust stock and it takes 5 minutes to prepare the sheet and send it to eBay. It has a file export function which allows me to save the downloads for history reports and analysis as well as keeping listing content and format for possible future use if an ended product comes back in demand.

Most of the functions like pricing, stock levels, titles, policies can be edited in bulk by selecting products with a simple check box.

If an item reaches zero stock it takes the listing off line and holds sales history so we never lose a listing description, images or sales reviews.

The Xpress Lister Grid allows for filtering by and searching for specific listing features , price, name, SKU etc. You can find a single product in seconds.

You can add or remove columns from the grid so it is never cluttered with columns you don't need to see all the time.

We have a large amount of images and several are large megabytes for our products and there does not seem to be a limit on what we can load. Our images are on hard drive so they are uploaded to a server I imagine.

At $29 USD per month my first 2 sales covers the cost and I save countless hours working on the clunky eBay platform.

I looked at one other program before deciding on Xpress Lister but I found this one to be the most effective and simplest to use.

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