Are You a New Advertiser?

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Are You a New Advertiser?
15 May 2017
Diving into affiliate marketing?

Chargeback Gurus welcomes you aboard! With the vast ocean that the affiliate space has become, dangers lurk in the depths. If you know the risks involved and prepare for them, you’ll be in the shallows, swimming with the dolphins. Not educating yourself on those same risks means you’ll be in over your head and the shark attacks of the industry could happen to you!

Instead of making the same costly mistakes that other advertisers have experienced, work with our honest, ethical and transparent team. We are with you every step of the way to prevent the pitfalls of the industry. Our services include product selection, fulfillment partner selection, obtaining merchant accounts, choosing customer service and working with the right traffic partner. We are very upfront about our vendor relationships, as our goal is to help you set up and run a successful business with positive cash flow. Chargeback Gurus works for the best interest of your business- guaranteed.

Ready to get started? We are a click or call away.

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