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Nonexistent Customer Service
19 May 2017
I have 5000 profiles on inkFrog classic built up over years of using them to facilitate my eBay listings. I have watched them go through more than one version of inkfrog. In the past, when they moved from one version of inkfrog into another at least they made sure you could migrate your profiles from the old version to the new one.

About 6 months ago we were told we would need to begin using a new version of inkfrog, Open, due to eBay no longer accepting active contact. We were also told inkfrog was working on a way to migrate existing profiles to the new Open version.

I have no active content in any of my profiles. I have used the test eBay has on their site to see how my profiles will look once the new eBay requirement goes into effect and everything looks fine. So, instead of personally spending thousands of hours rewriting all 5000 profiles on inkfrog Open I have continued with the version of inkfrog Classic while waiting for them to provide a way to migrate those profiles to Open.

I have repeatedly asked inkfrog when the migration feature would be made available and have been provided no information.

June 1st is the date eBay starts the new policy in active content. While I think I am ok with my Classic profiles, I am less concerned with eBay than I am with inkfrog. If history is any indicator, at some point they will simply drop Classic and my business will be seriously affected.
In questioning inkfrog they provide nothing substantial in their replies, just standard boiler plate non answers.

I'm at a crossroad. I have thousand of hours invested with inkfrog, a company that clearly doesn't care about its customers. Do I continue with them? Currently I am using their new Open version when I create a new profile but what about the 5000 still in Classic. They work fine now with no apparent issues on eBay but I have no faith in how long inkfrog will sustain the Classic platform.

Given the horrible customer service, I'm leaning towards finding a more responsive company to help with my thousands of listings. I can't believe how arrogantly they've treated a customer who has used their services for years. They have the ability to harm my livelihood and don't give a damn. I guess as I am typing this I'm also answering my own question about what road to take. Inkfrog really is an awful business.
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