Customer Complaints

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Customer Complaints
25 May 2017
As a seller on Amazon, how do you handle inaccurate customer complaints that affect product you sell? Also, what is the most expedient way to reinstate products that were pulled in error due to inaccurate complaints?
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Re: Customer Complaints
15 Jun 2017

What is an inaccurate customer complaint ?

If a customer complains about a product that you sell on Amazon then you should immediately ask yourself why they have complained. Is it the listing details ? Is your product not as described ?

Unfortunately for sellers, Amazon (and other channels) will often side with the buyer with regards to complaints.

Without knowing the full reason that your listings were pulled from Amazon there is no sure fire way of giving advice for reinstatement, but be assured that if you mention that the customer was wrong in your plan of action, you have very little chance of reinstatement.
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