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The worst shipper ever

A review of Freightos Marketplace by Abuqaba
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The worst shipper ever
30 May 2017
I completed in full their online quote request. They presented a time frame and price that was agreeable to me. I filled out all needed information including the destination and delivery point making sure to note what type of address each was and what services were needed. The delivery quote was 1 day.. not 1+ days or estimated 1 day... so I made a note that I needed the order in 2 days and to please contact me if not possible. I got an email from them stating they could not promise anything since they are not the shipper and they would cancel the order...I said I understand that but could you please contact the shipper to see if they can meet our time frame or give me their contact info so I can contact them before you just cancel it. The response I got was that they would send the order to the shipper but can not promise a time. So again 0 effort was placed on trying to communicate my needs as a customer, that were already double the promised time. I then received another email stating they would need additional money because of the pickup point, which is a large shipping center with loading docks, so there would be no reason for an increase and all info I entered for the quote was accurate. Because of this I told them I would not be paying any additional fees, there response again was "Ok we will cancel the order" A few hours go by and I get an email that they magically can now honor the quoted price without the additional charge, I asked to please cancel the order and the response was OK. The next day I received a notice that they billed my credit for the amounted quoted.
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