How to design a retail warehouse layout for small business

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How to design a retail warehouse layout for small business
31 May 2017
A Pen and Paper Approach for a Small-Sized Retail Warehouse Layout Design

Warehouse Design Layout

The layout of your small business warehouse directly affects the day-to-day productivity of your fulfillment operations. In order to achieve a smooth daily workflow, the warehouse layout should be designed properly. Otherwise, there will be workers, forklifts and inventory moving up and down in your warehouse.

How to design your retail warehouse layout?

A warehouse layout design always starts with putting it all down on paper. You can start defining the main processes in your warehouse and the basic workflow directions in your warehouse. I suggest paper and pen or a simple excel sheet to draw your warehouse. Below is a sample design.

7 Functional areas which should be included in your warehouse layout

  • Inbound staging area
  • Outbound shipment area
  • Back-to-back racks
  • Free areas
  • Value added services(Kitting, labeling, printing etc.)
  • Packing desks
  • Damaged product area

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