The best support staff in the business!

A review of ShipWorks by jrogers81
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The best support staff in the business!
31 May 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

I needed the program to fulfill a very specific purpose for a startup company we are helping to manage. This wasn't a boiler plate type of solutions I needed, and something that many companies just do not support because it's not common. However, ShipWorks staff was able to modify and adjust their current software to fulfill my needs perfectly.

Could anything have been better?

The only thing the software couldn't do was "automate" emailing a return shipping label whenever an order was placed. Again, this is a very limited niche in the marketplace so I can't imagine there would be much of a demand for such a feature besides myself and a handful of other people. However, they set it up to where it's just 1 click and the label is sent. Another option would be a mobile app for the software, but I'm sure something as robust as this would have quite a hard time fitting onto a mobile application.

How was the support?

I can't say enough about the support staff. I've dealt with hundreds of companies in the shipping / ecommerce game in my career and I've never experienced anything like I did with this company. Every single problem I had - no matter who I talked to - they were genuinely excited to help me find a solution to my problem. I still am in sort of disbelief and the amount of effort this staff put into my account (even when I was on a free trail in the beginning and they weren't making a dime off me). They do not outsource their customer service either, so you're always talking to someone stateside who can communicate clearly. A ton of fortune 500 companies could learn from how this staff operates, 10/10 in every way.
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