Sku Grid is NOT a safe bet to use

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Sku Grid is NOT a safe bet to use
3 Jun 2017
I have been using Sku Grid for several months. I wanted this site to be legitimate but to my dismay its everything opposite that I hoped for. Tonight I added 3 items to test it yet again. Each of my items settings/ were updated correctly. Then it kept changing my settings back to the previous.. I had an expert seller at my house who uses Sku Grid and they watched in horror that this was going on. So now they are worried too about their own items. They have a lot more items they are selling then myself presently. My Profit Margin Formula to the Repricing, and the Pausing of the Repricing is all messed up on their end. . I had to go in 8 times to change the settings back to where they should be and then gave up after the 8th time.

I have contacted them for the last few months with about zero help. I have taken screen shots and uploaded them to the ticket desk where they are suppose to fix issues. I lost a lot of money last week due to them completely changing my pricing to something that was never in there, and yet the profit margin formula was correct and Sku Grid did not update it as it should. I have tried to find out who on earth these people are. Why is that? You would think a legitimate company would have this information readily available, especially to their customers. The item that they changed the pricing to, I not only lost money for but it effected my 5 star rating for my shop on eBay. Weirder is that this item I haven't changed or touched in several months.

The sellers that do well with it, do not realize how much money they lost due to Sku Grid messing up the updating. They have so many items on there that they are not noticing. This is the only reason I have not listed more, its because of Sku Grid. So I am seeking to find another company that actually do something to fix errors if they occur. I am looking for a company that is not afraid to state their location, CEO, etc. I find them highly suspect due to this. The customer service agent has never helped me. They admitted at one point that there is a problem but then did nothing about it. I do not recommend this company to anyone. I don't even know if they are a real company. Since they have no credentials to view.

The customer support on a scale of 1 to 10 is negative -100.. I'm extremely serious about this. Not one time have they helped me or fixed the error in their software. Most of my items have problems but not all, but most.

I've asked the agent Dimetri to give me the name of the owner, software tech, etc but he refuses to give me the information. Also he refuses to look at the issues. I had 25 watchers on one of my items and lost a lot of money and my perfect rating on Ebay due to Sku Grid.. I think Screw Grid would be a better name to call them. I am sorry to say. I know that doesn't sound professional but it keeps coming out of my mouth when I speak of them.

Who on this earth gets to take your money and not supply a service or product for that money? its illegal to do that. Yes, if help took place you can see that they are trying to do something but there has been absolutely no help. I have screen shots of before and after I changed my settings and then Sku Grid reverting them back to something they shouldn't. I have witnesses that have watched this. In fact one witness uses Sku Grid. They saw also what was going on with my settings being changed back. So we go through the entire sites settings and sure enough we discovered it had to be on the end of Sku Grid as to why things were not working and why I lost customers, money and time.

So now I am seeking to find a "Normal" repricing company that is honest and legit. Its very creepy that their credentials are not readily available. Even on Facebook! The guy that's been speaking with methere I think is Dimetri and he was a supposed X Drop-Shipper. He's been rude and unhelpful all the way through. Its easy enough to collect the money but to give out what's due is another story
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Re: Sku Grid is NOT a safe bet to use
13 Jun 2017
Wow. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. It sounds as if it's a pervasive problem at that company, and not just an isolated incident or two. As an online marketing consultant ( , I consume a lot of information and advice from industry experts and coaches. As for your question, I have two suggestions that come from well-placed, large, successful drop shippers: Appeagle and Repricexpress. They are repeatedly cited as the leading repricing softwares. Do others agree? Best wishes to you! Lisa
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Sku Grid
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Re: Sku Grid is NOT a safe bet to use
26 Feb 2018

Hello! Thank you so much for your feedback about our service. We are very sorry that you received negative experience from using of Sku Grid. Please contact us, or leave your ticket number here, and we will contact you personally to give you a personal bonus.

In your situation - no technical issues exist. Incorrect profit formula gave you this result. But we are sorry for long reply on your support ticket.
Yes, Sku Grid is most advanced tool on a market for professional users and with complex settings at first sight. We have more than 500 suppliers, and for each of them you can set individual flexible settings/profit formula.
For this situations we have 2 types of tutorials:
Video tutorials:
Textual guides:

About support: if you need immediate communication, please use our Facebook group: or our public page: there we answer on ALL questions within an a few minutes. Thank you!
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