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A review of inkFrog by flsailingirl
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Not ready for prime time
7 Jun 2017
inkFrog came highly recommended to me by eBay as a new seller. It is now my opinion that InkFrog is clearly not ready to handle the influx of new customers being pushed to them by eBay. I have had constant problems with inventory not syncing from my BigCommerce store to eBay. Despite their assurances that the sync should take place in "near real time", it can take hours or sometimes even days. This has caused me to oversell items on eBay on multiple occasions. About a month ago, InkFrog blamed this issue on the fact that some products did not have MPN and Brand, which caused eBay to have an API error. That caused me to ask, why do those parts not have MPN and brand? That product data is in the correct fields in my BigCommerce store, but InkFrog failed to import it correctly. When I asked them how to correct this issue, the best answer they could give me was "you just have to go into each individual product and manually enter the MPN and Brand"......for almost 10,000 products. I finally corrected all of the MPN errors in eBay and am still having inventory syncing issues. As of the time of this review, it has been over 20 hours since InkFrog has synced any inventory at all to eBay and I have had several orders in that time for items that are out of stock but still showing inventory on eBay.

Their support is absolutely useless and eBay clearly doesn't care that they are pushing a shoddy product on unsuspecting new sellers. If you want to know what kind of company you would be dealing with, all I can say is that their Facebook page allowed reviews this morning and then conveniently after I left a 1 star review detailing my experience with them, the reviews section has been removed. I'm guessing that is standard operating procedure for them since when I left a review this morning, it was the only one there and I'm sure I'm not the first person to ever leave a review (positive or negative) for InkFrog on Facebook. Apparently when they get too many negatives, they just delete the whole thing. They also delete negative comments from their page. They are obviously more concerned with covering their behinds than they are with addressing actual problems.

Bottom line: InkFrog fails to provide even the most basic function of the service they claim to offer, which is keeping inventory in sync. Their support is non-existent. I would not recommend this software, even to my competitors.
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