Unethical and shady!

A review of Payability by jcolson222000
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Unethical and shady!
10 Jun 2017
Do not trust these people with your money! There system has lots of glitches and they make it as difficult as they can to see what money comes out of your account. Shady shady shady!!!

What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing. Headache from day one

Could anything have been better?
All of it. They could have 24 hour support. They could make things simple to see where money is going and coming from. They could fix there system so your money was available when they say it will be. They could use an actual bank so your money was available 24/7.

How was the support?
Takes days to get support. They don't work past 5 pm, or in the weekends. When you call there is no way to leave messages their machine just hangs up on you.
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Re: Unethical and shady!
5 Nov 2017

Are you familiar with any good advance payment in Amazon or any other marketplace?

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Re: Unethical and shady!
8 Nov 2017
@jcolson222000 unfortunately I am experiencing the same issues. Can't even get a call back.
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