Great Product, Great Owner and Support Team

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Great Product, Great Owner and Support Team
12 Jun 2017
I enjoyed using CrazyLister. First I used it for several months and when I was new to CL I was asking the support team and Victor - the owner replied to me assisting me how to use CrazyLister the best way possible.

I am very satisfied with the platform and that they have an ongoing development and support. This is something I look for when I invest in a business on a monthly/annual basis.

Additionally, I learned a lot from the CrazyLister Blog. I found an article they made how to use eBay promoted listings which helped me almost double my sales.

Unfortunately when I was developing a new design to use for my listings my account was suspended from eBay and I decided not to continue with the business. Prior to that I recently subscribed to an annual subscription for CrazyLister as I was planning a long-term business.

So as I had lots of things on my head I didn't contact CrazyLister on time as they provide a 14-day money back guarantee. Once I contacted CL support team about 1 month after I subscribed for an annual subscription I wasn't sure what to expect as many people will preach to you that their customers are most important and that they will do their best to provide top customer support, but not many companies and people will do what they promise.

But Victor replied to me during his day off and immediately several hours after I send them a message, he replied that he is sorry to hear that and he has already refunded the full amount back to me.

So I absolutely recommend CrazyLister to everyone who is looking to improve his eBay Store. Firstly they offer a customer-friendly and easy to use design manager with more than 30 designs. You can use them with many different platforms. You can also hire a designer which can make a personal design for CrazyLister. Secondly, they have great support and they improve their product every month. Thirdly their blog is useful to help you as a eBay seller. And most importantly - they really try to be there for you and to help you be successful - they not only sell a service, but will try to be with you and help you develop a successful business and in my situation they were willing even to go the extra mile for me and give away their profits, even if they were supposed to based on their agreements.
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