Avoid try a Professional Translation Service

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Avoid try a Professional Translation Service
12 Jun 2017
I will get onto details of my poor review shortly. Firstly for any potential new customers read their Terms of Service VERY carefully! I will extract the following point:-

"we do not guarantee the existence, quality, safety, or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of User Content or listings"

This is basically so they do not have to accept any responsibility for any mistake they make and in theory are advertising a service that they are not committed to.

I have used WebInterpret since 2013 and I will share my thoughts and experiences with the company. From a sales prospective growth was very good within the 1st year. After that they tend to slack off and do not list new items, make changes to titles to increase sales or offer any positive influence that will result in growth. After a period of time sales nosedive I suspect because they have sold this package to so many people now they have diluted marketplaces. Their answer is to decrease prices which I did but with no notable difference as they told this to my competition also.

After selling me the Service my thoughts are that they exaggerated it's potential, they were slow to respond to requests, to make changes meant that I had to do most the leg work and spend time chasing errands. The quality of work is of an exceptionally poor quality, I expect it is just a standard google translate or possibly worse. Item's that should not be listed (Blacklisted) were listed, items were listed with different Brand names. They seem to use the cheapest and quickest method for listing so if they need to jump you onto a similar international listing they will do so even if it is a competitor.

The result of these problems means that you should expect Warnings both through eBay and Amazon along with plenty of negative feedback.

My main gripe is the customer service itself, I am unsure if France has a different standard or quality of service from the rest of the world or they hand pick the most unruly people they can possibly find. To be quite frank there is no Business etiquette with this company, they simply want your money and when they have exhausted you and your patience will move onto the next unsuspecting victim.

Upon leaving Webinterpret you will discover that you are on an Annual contract that does not expire, does not need renewing and can only be cancelled when you pay another year's subscription. I don't see anything in Webinterpret's terms regarding cancelling a contract or agreement, my guess is this is not part of the service so you are unable to leave at all.
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