Looking for the buyers?

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Looking for the buyers?
15 Jun 2017
Hey All,

Can any one suggest me that which type of buyers are good and more active in USA, actually i have decided to open up my new business line in wholesale and i have already a business about wholesale shirt supplier but i want to extent my business.

Please suggest me,it will help me for take the decision. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Looking for the buyers?
16 Jun 2017
@oasisshirts In the US, the automotive aftermarket, baby supplies, apparel, and packaged goods verticals have enjoyed - and are expected to continue enjoying - the most growth.

Good luck - feel free to ping us if you need help with the new endeavor!
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Re: Looking for the buyers?
28 Jun 2017


It feel great to see eBay sellers growing and taking informative decisions to expand their business.

US covers about 35.1% of total eBay selling which is a huge market of course (research was done on over 232,870,994 sold items on eBay).

Categories with most sold items and sell through rate in USA:
- Necklaces and pendants
- Music CDs
- Electronic items such as Laptops, cell phones etc.
- As pointed out by @FeedStation, automative and apparel are expected to grow as well.

I hope this helps you in taking your decision. If you have any questions or need help with eBay warehouse set-up or inventory management, please send me a message.

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