Complete DISASTER! Does not work

A review of ReplyManager by alongtimepoweruser
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Complete DISASTER! Does not work
16 Jun 2017
The old system had it's problems that we could, at least, patch over with procedure fixes, but the so-called 'upgrade' we were forced to use is a nightmare.

Here's a list of the bugs this 'upgrade' give:
* Replies to emails display the old email as HTML code, making it barely unreadable,
• Emails can slip past folders, and there is no rule that allow all emails to be assigned to at least one folder. This makes it not better than a regular email client,
• The interface has bugs,
• The system crashes so work is often lost,
• To send a new email (say to colleagues, your vendors or a customer) requires you to open a new ticket and is so cumbersome and time consuming, it's easier to create a new email address and send from an email client instead.
• Constantly asks if I want to log into Reply Manager or something called 'C1', which we NEVER signed up for.
• Cryptic icons and cumbersome user interface,
• Trust me, there are more!

The support staff don't give a DAMN, the attitude they have is that the development team will decide if it's worth their time to fix the massive problems.

A word of warning, this upgrade was slated for Oct 2016, and didn't come into force nearly six month after that date. Yet the Oct 2016 date was there every time we logged in before the 'upgrade' came about. Clearly the company is understaffed and is poorly managed. Even if they bother to fix the problems I mentioned, it's not a stable company and not one I would trust. We're making plans to transition to an alternative.
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Re: Complete DISASTER! Does not work
26 May 2018

Did you find any alternative.. please share with us
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