Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly

A review of Fetcher by Andy C
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Andy C
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Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly
20 Jun 2017
I hate to write this review, but I feel like I need to. I was really excited because Fetcher allows you to add in additional business expenses, accounts for PPC, and is really simple to use. Unfortunately it doesn't do the one thing it HAS to be able to do, which is calculate profit. I was suspicious because I keep a close eye on my finances. Like a lot of people, though, I pay for my items in bulk, so calculating current profit can be difficult. However, I started looking back week by week and was shocked. Some weeks showed no FBA fees even though I typically have about $2000 a week in fees. Other weeks showed low fees, when they should have been much higher. I ran promos and they were not correctly accounted for. Finally, there were no refunds showing at all for 30 days, which I know is incorrect. I contacted them and they gave me some general answer. I contacted them again, and this time included photos of the different weeks. I then got a response that they are currently having issued with a bug that affects sales, fees, and refunds. Ummmmmm, so basically it doesn't work. I was very concerned since calculating profit is literally what the service is for. What really upset me and prompted me to write this review is that Jungle Scout had a video pushing Fetcher literally the day after I received the email from them that they are having issues. This is not okay. Most people just trust that Fetcher is going to be able to do what it says it can do (as they should be able to) and it upsets me that many people are going to get it and receiving incorrect information on what they are making. If they are able to fix all the issues I do believe it could be awesome, but right now I would absolutely advise against it and frankly I don't exactly trust a company that is pushing sales of their product, knowing full well it doesn't work.
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Re: Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly
27 Jun 2017
Hi @Andy C,

Thank you for sharing your experience with our app. You're absolutely correct that Fetcher endured some rough waters over the past 11 days. Amazon changed the way orders data was being stored in the API and it sent us reeling. This change affected the accuracy of fees and refunds data We worked through the weekend to re-write our code in accordance with the new data, and I'm happy to report that Fetcher is again calculating profits 100% accurately.

I'm truly sorry about the way we handled this with you. We should have recognized that this was going to be a significant setback for us and communicated more effectively with you.

If you have any interest in trying the software again, please contact us at support@fetcher.com and I'll set you up with a free 30-day trial. If you were a paying customer, I'll happily refund any charges you incurred and get you an additional 30-day trial to restore your confidence in our platform.
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Re: Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly
1 Jul 2017
@Shane_Fetcher Im glad to find out this is a known issue and Im not the only one affected with incorrect refunds.

My account is affected by a couple errors on the refunds which I reported to support@fetcher on 6/28 but Im a little frustrated because the slow responses. I hope you get this sort-out soon.

(BTW I ran into this threat when looking to fetcher alternatives).
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eric fried
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Re: Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly
17 Jul 2017
@Andy C Hey Andy, are they still messed up? I wish this would be accurate. It looks as an awesome easy-to-use software.
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