This is one of the biggest scams going...UNETHICAL liars

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This is one of the biggest scams going...UNETHICAL liars
22 Jun 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
There is nothing good about this service. The fact that they have a sketchy messaging system that doesn't properly document messages is even worse.
If you sign up, remember that they WILL charge you $299 no matter what. Even if you tell them you want to cancel they will claim to have never gotten a message and pull every excuse in the book to keep your $$$. Very risky and horrible company.

Could anything have been better?
Take ethics into account. At $299 you are making it obvious that the business model is to trick people into remaining signed up for more than the $10 first month.

How was the support?
They are fast and superficial as it gets. It's all a front for a good image, when in fact their business practices are disgusting.
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