Really Bad Service and Some Major Functionality Issues

A review of JoeLister by EBon
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Really Bad Service and Some Major Functionality Issues
26 Jun 2017
I was very excited about this service and signed up for the large professional package of 500 listings ($100). I soon found out they have some major issues though.

1. When you switch from FBA to Merchant Fulfilled inventory, the system can't tell the difference. So you get eBay sales at the lower FBA rate and basically lose money on those sales.

2. They then tried to figure out a solution promising that they will deactivate the MFN (Merchant) inventory. They never did and in fact stopped answering all support ticket from me.

3. There is a bug in the filters, so when you want to see only Listed inventory on ebay for example - you can't. The filter keeps reverting back to FBA. They also seem to have a rough times with bugs. I reported and documented the issue, and then never heard back from them.

4. There is no option to delist from ebay when in any of the inventory views - except from the ebay listings page. A big problem if you want to deactivate any items that went out of stock in FBA and are switched back to MFN.

Really disappointed and to top it all, they basically stopped all communications with me. 3 weeks ago they were "looking for a solution and discussing this" and I am still waiting. I guess they didn't like what I had to say..

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