Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day
27 Jun 2017
I'm hoping to gain some insight into what prime day has looked like for any Amazon sellers in the past? Did you notice an influx in sales? Prime shipping is currently turned on for some of our higher priced items, ones we know the sales margin is worth the extra cost, but not our average to lower priced items.

Does anyone have any experience using the regional shipping tool? Wondering if it would be worth turning on to have the ability to ship prime on cheaper items to the areas around us. Thank you!
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Re: Amazon Prime Day
27 Jun 2017
@ingrid Amazon's Prime Day is one of the biggest sales event of the year and they were quite successful in 2016 with 60% more sales worldwide as compared to past events (Amazon's statistics).

I am not an Amazon seller but I did some research to help you with this problem. There are some Amazon seller forums where you can go get an idea of other seller's experience about Amazon Prime:

Also, you can take a look at our blog article to get more information on Prime day. Amazon Prime Day

I hope all this information helps you in some way.

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Re: Amazon Prime Day
28 Jun 2017
@ingrid Hi Ingrid!

I've been researching this, and it appears that third party marketplace sellers DO see quite a big sales uptick, particularly in tech, home and fashion categories.

Volo data shows tech merchants saw 82% more sales on Prime Day than the same day the week before - for home this was 60%, and 22% for fashion.

It was the biggest sales day on Amazon ever when it happened last year, and it could overtake Black Friday 2016 this year. I think it's definitely worth preparing for it!

Good selling,

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