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Solid Commerce is helping us to stay competitive and grow.

A review of Solid Commerce by jack336
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Joined: Jun 30, 2017
Solid Commerce is helping us to stay competitive and grow.
30 Jun 2017
I have been with Solid Commerce for several years now and I absolutely love it. They offer plenty of flexibility and, depending on your business, you can use just some of their features or you can use all of them. Most importantly, they can handle almost any situation and any volume of products, vendors and orders.

Solid Commerce web interface is super easy to use and it offers many levels of authorization. You can give your employees a full access or restrict them to use just some of the features.

eBay and Amazon keep changing things all the time and with just few clicks we can update hundreds of thousands of listings with ease. Walmart and Jet integration was super easy and Solid Commerce trained us how to sell there.

Jack Mikol Automotive
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