Free Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. Sourcing tools +

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Free Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. Sourcing tools +
3 Jul 2017
We recently launched a 100% free tier of our Chrome extension, AVA, that does all kinds of cool things for Amazon sellers! It's called AVA Lite and here's what it does...

1. Sourcing tools, competitive research, and productivity shortcuts on Amazon websites and in Seller Central.
2. Search Tools where you need them (Product Page, Inventory, Add Product, Add Offer)
3. Smart calculator links (Product Page, Offers Page, Inventory, Add Offer)
4. Easy access Product Insight box on every Product Page! Search Tools, Approval Rating, Sell link, SEO Spy Tools, Offer Links, and Sales Ranks
5. Keyword Spy: See the Top 3 SEO Keywords on every Product Page
6. Description Spy: See an SEO description snippet in one click
7. Works everywhere there's an Amazon Marketplace!

COOL BETA: See the main Category Tier (Top 1%, 3%, etc) on every product page in the US, UK, and CA!

There are, of course, paid upgrades available as well. If you need help with speeding up listing or label printing for example.

Thank you and enjoy!
AVA (AMZVA) for Amazon Sellers - Faster Listing, Faster Labeling, Business Insights - all from within Seller Central. Stop wasting time on mundane tasks and focus on your business.

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