Stitch Labs is the worst company to work with - STAY AWAY

A review of Stitch by K-Sea
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Stitch Labs is the worst company to work with - STAY AWAY
5 Jul 2017
  • What was good about this product or service overall?
  • Nothing has been good with there service. I understand that some people over react in certain situations but seriously this company is terrible. If i could give 0 stars I would. Every time there is an issue with the account, they some how always blame you or never have an answer of how they are going to fix the issue. They are suppose to be syncing my inventory from Amazon to eBay and my WooCommerce account. There was an incident were an item i didn't have any stock of sold on ebay. HOW? Isn't Stitch suppose to be syncing my inventory? When I contacted them they told me to "call amazon". Why would I have to call amazon about about my third party software not syncing correctly?

    This is just one example of the 5,000 other problems i've had with this company. Worthless software. We only have 1500 SKU's and their software could not handle the small amount of inventory.

  • Could anything have been better?

  • How was the support?
  • Oh, I may have forgot to mention, we pay $500 a month to get NO support. We are only allowed to contact via email. Yup, you read right. There is no phone calls or messenger allowed for our account that we pay $500 a month for. So if you are wanting a good support team for your inventory, this DEFINITELY is not the software for you.

    I am sorry to say such sad negative things about a company but i truly don't want anyone else to endure the terrible service, i have been dealing with.
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