Twice Our Amazon accounts were reinstated by T&H

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Twice Our Amazon accounts were reinstated by T&H
9 Jul 2017
Our two Accounts USA and UK were reinstated by Thompson and Holt. First our UK account was suspended by a complain from a seller and we have tried for two months by sending with appeal letter and plan of action but every time they have rejected it. We were very disappointed and hopeless. We contacted some of our friends and from of our friend we have got contact detail for Thompson and Holt. We have contacted them and bought 24 hours amazon account suspension appeal services. They have sent us with appeal letter in less than 24 hours and we have sent that appeal to amazon seller performance. After sending that appeal letter and plan of action, we have received an email from amazon within 6 hours that we may sell on Amazon and that was the happiest moment of my life because this was the only source of my income and we are selling on Amazon without any issue. And from than on our trust has grown with Thompson and Holt. The second time our account in USA was suspended, because we were not providing prepaid return postage to our buyers which was a violation of Amazon policy. We knew where we can go and without any delay we have used the same services from Thompson and Holt and our account was reinstated within 2 days.

After our accounts were reinstated twice our sales is going and without any delay we are back on track. I can't complain anything about there services because everything was perfect and professional.

The support was great and I would specially thanks to Lucy Gibson for the amazing customer service and professionalism she had shown to our case. Once again thank you very much Lucy for the wonderful support and wish you have many success in your life.
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