Came back for another round of headaches...

A review of SureDone by thegearattic
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Came back for another round of headaches...
11 Jul 2017
We decided to try SureDone again after our provider made some drastic changes that did not work with our business. Our hope was that things had gotten better with Suredone as it had been around a year since we had left.... well not so much unfortunately.

Onboarding took much longer the expected, quantity syncing did not work well so we had an inordinate amount of overselling (this is a common theme when we have used Suredone), BigCommerce connection did not work as promised, and we had to do 2 complete (unscheduled) inventories of our entire warehouse due to the onboarding process messing up our quantities.

On top of these issues the site would freeze/hangup constantly so getting anything done was a joke (we tried 5 different computers so that was not the problem). I have 100's of emails raising issues so its hard to remember all the problems we had.

Once we found a good replacement provider we notified Suredone that we were canceling our subscription... and a full month later they have billed us stating that they need to keep their support cost down and that once you have decided to stop using their faulty software you have to give them 30 days notice.. so once you've had enough you better be willing to use it or pay for nothing for an additional 30 days.. what a joke!

So basically their platform doesn't work well and is buggy but they want to put the burden of fixing it on the customer who's business has been negatively effected by the platform.
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