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Expert, Clear Advice - and Friendly People

A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Amazing FBA
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Amazing FBA
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Joined: Jul 11, 2017
Expert, Clear Advice - and Friendly People
11 Jul 2017
I've spoken to CJ, Anthony and Gary at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer.

They're all extremely approachable and speak normal English I could understand - unlike some lawyers I could mention!

In particular, I went over the details of a few tricky-looking but promising Amazon products with CJ to make sure I wasn't going to endanger my precious Amazon account by risking account suspension.

CJ was very expert, very down to earth and realistic about the potential risks and the solutions.

He didn't even charge me for this initial call, which is another welcome change from all other lawyers I've ever used!

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed. They're obviously very expert in what they do, but they are very down to earth and straightforward.

I'd recommend them to any Amazon sellers concerned about legal issues - especially trademarks or patents or Amazon account suspension.
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