InkFrog is not for people running a business

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InkFrog is not for people running a business
12 Jul 2017
We've been using inkFrog at least 5 years and the only consistent thing about them is that they get worse every year...glitchy software and no support

Some of the issues have been around for 3 - 4 years. Listings showing live that are not and live ones showing not live causing us to launch duplicate listings. I've opened so many support requests just on this issue I've lost track on how many request I've made. Each time it's the same, a few canned answers for things to try that don't address the problem then they close the request as solved...even when we reopen it saying it isn't solved. We spend lots of time every week trying to figure out which listings are actually live, a huge waste of time.

We should have dropped them a long time ago but we've been busy growing our business. Who knows where we'd be if we hadn't wasted so much time with inkFrog. Now we're finally looking at some alternatives.

I would only recommend inkfrog if eBay is a hobby. If you're running a business stay away from this mess called inkFrog
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