Hidden fees / intimidation / threats / avoid at all cost!

A review of OFX by geraldine
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Hidden fees / intimidation / threats / avoid at all cost!
18 Jul 2017
After I got a quote in writing, and I thought it was too much since not what they advertised because they have hidden fees, they are threatening me to sue me if I don't close the deal claiming that I have agreed with their conditions and rate by clicking after I registered. Before registering, quotes are not disclosed so there is no other way. They also threat me to accept their deal within 45mn! before transferring it to the legal department! I would definitely not recommend this company to make any transfer and if anyone can please post if they do have the legal right it would highly be appreciated. Thank you

You might now claiming not to find me, but you can read below the email that was sent from your commercial. (I hide the name this time so that the review would not be blocked)

After realising, fees were 3 times higher than a different company. We decided to not pursue with you. Your commercial is now claiming that we are binded with your company even though rates were only given orally and could not fully understand what it meant until after it was sent in writing. In this email, you can clearly see that you are using threats. "If you were to cancel we would need to recover the losses," he writes!!! "as discussed over the phone", and there, on the phone, yet another threats "either you close the deal with us and you only have 45mn, otherwise I will have no choice than to give it to our legal department and it will pay for the recovery cost of 2000 euros!" So you tell me, is that how your company likes to proceed?
And please no need to block my review again as this is what those type of sites are for!!!

"Dear XXX,

I will be leaving for the day now -

Please do let me know how you wish to proceed. This is a matter of high importance and I can assure you that I have listened to our call and we agreed to the rates and the amounts very clearly and you understood exactly the amount of EUR that was needed.

As discussed, if you were to cancel we would need to recover the losses and this can be substantial considering the amounts involved.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Joshua XXX
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