Chocolate retailer is Parcelhub's first WooCommerce merchant

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Chocolate retailer is Parcelhub's first WooCommerce merchant
18 Jul 2017

Chocolate gift retailer is first WooCommerce merchant to integrate with Parcelhub

Following years of experience in food production, entrepreneurs Ed Starr and Damien Toms started out very small in 2014, trading at markets to establish The Amazing Chocolate Workshop brand and to gauge demand.

From initially offering a small range of hand-made premium treats designed to look like real life rusty tools, The Amazing Chocolate Workshop now have over 100 different chocolate gift products in multiple categories, catering for hobbies, in addition to special occasions such as Father’s day and Christmas.

After experiencing minor success at market stalls and craft fairs, the pair introduced their product range to shopping centres throughout the UK; the increased footfall led to significant growth.

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