Does what they promise but you will need some patience

A review of Expandly by Jamie800
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Does what they promise but you will need some patience
18 Jul 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
The product is really well priced in the marketspace that it occupies. I've spent hours trying to find a service that does all the usual sales channels (eBay/amazon/etc.) but importantly integrates with Magento 2 without the need for hundreds of pounds spent on an extension. Expandly integrates with M2 out of the box which is amazing!
To be perfectly honest there are several well priced Inventory/Order Management SaaS tools out there but hardly any support M2 only the aging M1. Whenever I spoke to any of them all I got was "We're not planning to integrate yet" - I mean what the heck!?!? M2 is the future, I get it's still new but it really isn't THAT new. Some companies are clearly so 'comfortable' with their currently platform that M2 obviously isn't a priority. One company said "Oh we can integrate but that will be $1650" - Thanks but I'm not paying for you to develop the integration then have you roll it out to everyone else! - Anyway back to Expandly...

After my trial period with Expandly, I knew that it would do what I wanted, so I made a quick phone call, negotiated a perfect deal for my business model and bamm... I was up and running.

Could anything have been better?
Ok so if you go with Expandly know these couple of facts:
  • You get what you pay for - this product clearly is still being developed on the fly and the Devs are working really hard to get things right. This product is SUPER well priced and perfect for any small business who is starting down the demon that is Multi-Channel sales. So if you're cool with coming across glitches and the odd little bit of frustration then definitely give them a try. If you're impatient move along.
  • There are some really frustrating little things with this product which I have no doubt will get sorted along the way such as: No filtering presets, i.e. when you have a large set of products, every time you go back to that page you have to re-filter - during initial setup this will drive you a little insane but after you probably wont have to go into that area very much.
  • Listing errors aren't the most intuitive when it comes to telling you what actually is the issue. Now this is likely due to the likes of ebay/amazon not passing too much info back but it does mean you will spend a lot of time back and forth with support to find out why it's broken.
  • Getting started information is a tad lacking. There is lots of basic 'How to' guides and even some videos however during setup you need a little bit more in terms of the technical stuff like "What does this box even mean" or "Why should I complete this field"
  • The template designer can be quite fun and time consuming. For those of us that need some custom printouts then this is PERFECT however you best brush up on your HTML as there is no 'drag and drop' placement of images/text etc. It's all done via the HTML WYSIWYG editor. Thankfully no issue for me as my old system was all HTML so was a copy paste exercise.
  • Speed is quite a problem here, some pages take AGEs to load. For example creating a PO with 6 items took me 3.5 minutes. Now as you learn these little nuances you can shave off a minute here and there - it's not a game changer but it is a bit frustrating. Clearly there is some streamlining to be done by their Devs and with constructive feedback and real-life examples I'm sure they will sort it over time (get it?)

  • How was the support?
    I really can't knock the support - I have been (and still am) pretty needy to Jack and Gary as I opted for Self-Setup and lots of things have either broke or not worked as expected but to their credit they've fixed it. They are pretty quick to respond and if you give them all the info they need often can be fixed in one email.

    Expandly has everything you need to successfully manage your multi-channel sales. There is a steep learning curve but it's worth the money.
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